Specialty Swimming Pool Chemicals

spend less time & money working on your pool, and more time enjoying it

Our unique line of specialty chemicals makes taking care of a pool a breeze. Have a beautiful pool while spending less time and money.


Yellow Treat®²

Now the Easiest Way to Kill Mustard Algae

Our new formula is even more powerful than original Yellow Treat®, and stabilizes chlorine readings! That means no extra shocking to get a chlorine reading!


Hamilton Index™

Pool Balancing System

The Hamilton Index™ is the only balancing index built from the ground up for the unique needs of pool care. Enjoy algae and stain-free pool all year long with less maintenance and chemicals.


Swimming Pool How-To's

Looking for step-by-step guidance on solving your pool problem? Check out our How-To’s that make common problems easy to solve.


Swimming Pool Guides

Looking for in-depth information on pool maintenance topics? Check out our ultimate guides to pool care!


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