Hamilton Index™ System

A Better Way to Balance Your Pool Water

CHEAPER, FASTER, BETTERThe only water balancing system designed for swimming pools from the ground up.

What is the Hamilton Index™?

The Hamilton Index is a balancing chart that shows where to set your pool parameters (pH and Alkalinity) to keep your water balanced.

What makes the Hamilton Index™ different?

Most of the pool industry uses the Langelier Saturation (LSI) index for balancing recommendations. The LSI was developed in 1931 for municipal water system scaling, and required to be heavily modified to work for pools.

The Hamilton Index™ was developed from the ground up to work specifically for the unique needs of pools.

What benefits will I see from balancing my pool this way?

Here’s some of the benefits of balancing using the Hamilton Index versus other methods:

  • PLess adjusting required

    To balance using low pH and high Alkalinity of the LSI requires a lot of chemicals with back and forth adjustment. With the Hamilton Index, only small modifications are required to adjust and fine-tune the water.

  • PLess balancing chemicals

    You’ll notice that it takes a lot less chemical to get your pool balanced.

  • PSlower chlorine burn off

    You’ll notice with the higher pH recommendations you’ll burn through chlorine more slowly, while still keeping algae away.

  • PLess staining and scale

    By adjusting your alkalinity according to hardness with the recommended levels, you’ll virtually eliminate all stains and scale from your pool.

  • PLonger surface life

    The balancing recommendation of the index are much gentler on the surface of your pool, increasing its longevity.

  • PMore predictable balancing

    Your pool will become much easier to predict with this method of balancing.

Do I need to use any specific chemicals?

Nope! You can balance using whatever chemicals you prefer. There’s no requirement to use a specific chemical to make this balancing index work.