How to Remove Copper Stains from Swimming Pools

Blue-green stains on your pool surface are clear sign that you have a copper problem. Maybe you've been using copper algicide or have a pool heater. Either way we'll show you the fast and easy way to remove your copper pool stains.

At a Glance







Turn off your pump.

Turn off your pump system and bypass the timer.


Lower chlorine to 0.3 ppm

Lower your chlorine reading to less than 0.3 ppm by either using chlorine nuetralizer or abstaining from adding your sanitizer for a few days.


Lower pH to 7.2

Lower your pH to 7.2 by adding No Mor Muriatic Acid or liquid acid. You can add more as necessary.


Add Super Stain Treat™

Add one (1) bottle of Super Stain Treat™ per 15,000 gallons of pool water.



After 5-10 minutes brush the walls of the pool. One good brush over the wall should be fine. 



Slowly rebalance your pool. Once your pH is above 7.2 you can turn on your pump.

What You’ll Need

  • Super Stain Treat™ Stain Remover
  • No Mor Muriatic Acid™ or Liquid Acid
  • Chlorine Neutralizer (sodium thiosulfate) (optional)
  • Brush attachment

Extra Tips

  • For widespread staining, dissolve Super Stain Treat™ in a bucket of water and pour it around the pool. This will help give an even finish.
  • Don’t run the filter or allow the pump to kick on if your pH is below 7.2.
  • Don’t add lots of balancers or shock at one time. This can cause staining.
  • Lower your Total Alkalinity relative to your water hardness according to the Hamilton Index™
  • Avoid shocking more than necessary. Shocking can lead to metals dropping out of the water and staining.
  • When using a non-liquid balancing chemical (such as pH increaser or granular acid), dissolve it first and pour it around the pool. This will minimize the chances of metal staining.
  • Avoid using copper and silver-based algicides that lead to staining.
  • Consider using a preventative stain treatment such as Pool Stain Treat® to keep stains from returning.


Still need help?

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